Cala Agulla, Mallorca. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


Mallorca’s beaches are stunning so it’s little wonder that tourists and residents flock there in the summer.

The problem is that now we have to social distance, so there's less space, beaches become overcrowded and many of them get shut down by around lunchtime.

There’s nothing worse than have to explain that to kids who are hiped up about swimming in the sea and playing in the sand.

Last year the Platges Segures App was launched and proved highly successful.

It shows users how high beach occupation is at beach locations and allows you to check beaches in real time, so if you’re heading for Cala Agulla you can check that there’s space available before you leave home and that could save a lot of heartache and huffs!

Capacity has been set at four levels on the App: Green with an occupancy of less than 30%; Yellow, with an occupancy of 30% to 60%; Orange with an occupancy of over 60% and Red if the number of bathers exceeds 90% which is when beach access is likely to be closed off.

The App also has a location map and offers data on water temperature, jellyfish, where the toilets, restaurants and disabled access points are.

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