Our contributor Shirley visits an amazing unspoiled, old fashioned, small town on the northeast coast of Mallorca. | T. VIBOT


Early day discoveries in Mallorca remain our favourite places there are some which can be accessed very easily, others take the 90-minute route. On a small island 90 minutes takes you a really long way, often driving through dramatic changes of scenery.

My granddaughters are now too old to utter the magic words ‘are we there yet’. This Nan is known to take regular coffee breaks, so we often stop and admire or laugh at a view. The sheep which suddenly appear on a side road for instance and the antics of the shepherd trying to control them. I think he put on a show for the benefit of my girls. Everyone loves an audience.

My granddaughters are now too old to utter the magic words ‘are we there yet’.

Our drive today took us to the middle of the island via Sineu and Petra and then the change of scenery which takes you to the eastern side of Alcudia Bay at Colonia St Pere.
There were people on the road looking out for the Son Serra de Marina turn off but few going to the end of the line, like us.

The Son Serra drivers had The Finca de Son Real in mind. This is located on the northeast coast between the towns of Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina. It covers an area of 395 hectares bordering the coast and goes a few kilometres into the interior of the island.

The Finca de Son Real has many attractions to enjoy a beautiful excursion; prehistoric settlements, itineraries for walkers, virgin beaches, farm with native animals and a museum. It always seems a most unlikely place to have a prehistoric settlement on a beach, but it is there for all the see.

The Finca de Son Real

This was not our destination as it was too hot for the walk to the ruins. This is one of those perfect locations for autumn or spring. On our side of the island it is Route GR221 which covers the terrain for the walkers and the amblers of the region. On this side it is route GR222 which takes you in the direction you want to go with map in hand. The future join up of routes 221 and 222 is underway and one day will link Arta with Lluc, then continue as route 221.

The walks of Mallorca are becoming so important that our Priest with a mission, Jaume Alemany, is delighted that two walks of Mallorca will now be considered part of the Camino de Santiago. He has been working towards this for years. This will mean many pilgrims will clock up some of their penance miles in Mallorca before crossing the sea to continue. A genuine pilgrim’s route in Mallorca could be a great addition to our visitor world.
As we took the turn to Colonia de Sant Pere we were reminded why we were here.

The town belongs to the municipality of Arta.

Unspoiled, old fashioned, small town on the northeast coast of Mallorca in the bay of Alcudia. The town belongs to the municipality of Arta. In the past agriculture and fishing was the only way to earn a living. These days some fine boats park up in the yacht club and local Spanish families have summer houses there. A few restaurants along the front overlooking the vastness of Alcudia Bay from this point.

The journey is as much the pleasure as the arrival to get to one of our family’s favourite places. Everyone who has lived in Mallorca for a few years has their special place full of memories and experiences. Lunch on the front and feet dipped in the sea, it was our paradise.

No sheep on the road for the return journey and a different route as a friend in Alcudia needed a lift back to Soller. In the end, our day had taken us along the back road of most of that vast bay. So many places and different experiences along that huge stretch of sand.

The Son Serra drivers had The Finca de Son Real in mind.

We saw some very welcome visitors and families having their beach time. This was just nothing like normal, which was sad. Everything is here and waiting for the sandcastles and sports of the summer people. In the meantime, people like us who live here are having the best time. All this beauty and sunshine to ourselves. We enjoy every minute, but we really do ‘wish you were here’.