Hubby and I goofing around under the beautiful transparent Majorcan water! | Amanda Jeffrey


Last Monday was a sort of Sunday for me. My hubby had a day off and we decided to make the most of it, rented out a boat and went to “Es Carbó” (the coal) beach. Before that and knowing that my husband enjoys having a siesta after lunch, I made sure not only to buy lots of water and fruit, but also alcohol free beer and a copy of Mallorca Daily Bulletin.

I don’t think I ever told you but reading this paper from cover to cover while Victor is napping is a summer tradition I’ve had for years. I’ve always loved reading and the thought of enjoying that peace and quiet after lunch, lying down in the shade at sea, is a mental picture I was definitely looking forward to. Everything tastes better at sea!

We also made sure to bring a lovely Spanish omelette and, of course, a good trampó. For me, trampó is definitely the best Mallorcan summer dish because it’s so deliciously refreshing. A “must eat” summer salad consisting of chopped tomato, onion and green pepper with extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. This is what I prepared at home but was too lazy to chop it thinner... However, it was delicious and it’s worth using top quality local tomatoes for this recipe. Its simplicity is pure poetry!

This is what I prepared at home but was too lazy to chop it thinner...

Being at sea has made me happy since I was a child. I learned how to sail at a very early age and could swim when I was four. It’s funny because going out for a jog tires me very quickly but swimming is a totally different story! I put on my goggles and go for it. Time flies when doing so and in order to stop, either my hubby suggests going back or the goosebumps on my skin start becoming too evident because of my human condition.

Nobody’s perfect! This photo of us goofing around under the beautiful transparent Mallorcan water is typical. Certainly, like Chandler and Monica on FRIENDS: “We enjoy the silliness”.

We really can’t complain about the weather in Mallorca. I could spend all year in a swimsuit enjoying summer! I studied English Philology in Germany, which I know might come across as a surprise but I wanted to “kill two birds with one stone”: study this degree and improve my German at the same time. Looking back I’m actually quite proud I didn’t do the easy thing, lingering with Spaniards or Brits, who were also studying there. I was determined to experience full immersion.

Indeed I wanted to make the most of it, taking advantage of the opportunity, and made sure I went to bed thinking in German! One of my German friends, Lasse Dinter, thought it was funny I was always cold. He used to say to me: “Amanda, es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter nur schlechte Klamotten” (Amanda, there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes). I really tried to learn and apply this German philosophy but, despite my efforts, this wasn’t an easy task for me...

Me, with a copy of Majorca Daily Bulletin before heading to “Es Carbó Beach” by boat

Every time they come to visit me here, they always tell me they still don’t understand why I went to Germany to study when all Germans want to come to Mallorca! They always make me laugh and appreciate how lucky we are to live here. I’m glad I went there because if I had stayed here, I don’t think I would have been so productive. Mallorca was all the time on my mind though. I even had a huge poster of Colònia de Sant Jordi on the wall for motivation, which worked wonders. All this experience makes me appreciate Mallorca much more than if I had stayed here without going away from home, for sure.

Last week I was shooting an audiovisual production I can’t disclose yet (but promise to let you know as soon as I can) and got to revisit lovely places such as Camp de Mar, Fornalutx, Valldemossa and Banyalbufar among many others.

The international awards for my documentary Mallorca is not Magaluf (and Magalluf is not Punta Ballena) encourage me to pursue the mission of making sure everybody associates Mallorca with the paradise that it really is and, therefore, respect it as such. Not everything goes anymore and the world has to know Mallorca is the perfect Mediterranean sustainable destination.