'Gladan' docked in Porto Pi, Palma. | Pere Bota


The Swedish training ship ‘Gladan’ has docked at Porto Pi in Palma and she will be staying for three-weeks.

In 1946 the king of Sweden decided to replace the sailing ships, ‘Jarramas’ and ‘Najaden’ with new ones, which were christened ’Gladan’ and ‘Falken’.

‘Gladan’ belongs to the Schooner squadron division of the Royal Swedish Navy and was designed by Naval Engineer, Tore Herlin. She is 42.5 metres long and has a two-mast arbor for crab sails and an average speed of 8 knots.

She is used to train cadets in navigation and environmental conditions, following the practical and theory of yesteryear, but with current day equipment.

On her way to Palma, she stopped over in Den Helder in Holland, Cherbourg in France and La Coruña, Cádiz and Cartagena in Spain.

During the voyage, the 40 cadets onboard took part in a practical and theoretical nautical teaching programme, which included handling the instruments, making sailors' knots, hoisting the sails, guarding the deck and learning nomenclature and nautical manoeuvres. The purpose is to train cadets as individuals and as part of a team.