With a length of 80 meters, a 14.6-metre beam and gross tonnage of 2,990 tons ARTEFACT is the highest-volume superyacht of her length on the water. | Youtube: NOBISKRUG Superyachts


The most avant-garde super yacht in the world, ‘Artefact’ has just arrived in Palma from Monaco

‘Artefact’ was built by the Nobiskrug specialist shipyard in Rendsburg, Germany and designed by Gregory C. Marshall and Raymond Langton, both giants in the world of large yacht interiors.

'Artefact' in Palma.

She is 80 metres long, has a beach club with relaxation rooms, five decks above the waterline and combines luxury with respect for the environment.

Her top drawer technology, futuristic design and elegant minimalism make her the envy of the Nautical Sector and she has unique, parallelepiped, curved windows and electric motors, so all that can be heard onboard is the sound of the sea.

‘Artefact’ also has azimuth thrusters with pod propellers, which serve as a rudder, allowing the super yacht to do a 360 degree turn without moving. This system combines with satellite positioning at anchor which means there's no need to drop anchor, so the seabed is protected.

‘Artefact’ won the award for Motor Yacht of the Year 2021 at the International World Super Yacht Awards in Monte Carlo.