This coming Monday, 15 August, will be a national public holiday on Mallorca. All shops, shopping centres and department stores will be able to open their doors at their usual times, according to the calendar set at the beginning of 2022. This year there will be five more public holidays or Sundays when shops will be open for business, three of them during the Christmas campaign and Black Friday.

Therefore, on Monday, the day of the Assumption of the Virgin, the two El Corte Inglés centres (Avenidas and Jaume III), Fan Mallorca, Porto Pi, Mallorca Fashion Outlet, Alcampo and Carrefour will be open. On Sunday, on the other hand, the only shopping centres that will be able to keep their doors open will be those located in areas of great tourist affluence (zgat), such as the Corte Inglés on Jaume III, and Mallorca Fashion Outlet, in Marratxí.

The rest of the marked days that will be able to open this year 2022 will be: September 4 (Sunday), October 12 (Wednesday), November 27 (Sunday), December 8 (Thursday) and December 18 (Sunday). The 12 October may be replaced by other days, at the discretion of the local councils and according to the needs of their municipalities. A total of ten Sundays and public holidays have been set for the year 2022.