Philip Dawson and the new single with glitch art by Allison Tanenhaus. | H. Carter


British resident in Mallorca Philip Dawson has been a member of the Balearic Symphony Orchestra for the past 20 years, but apart from being a highly trained classical musician, his talents are vast and his latest venture will be the release of his new band Love Project’s new single on Valentine’s Day, today, on global musical platforms such as Spotify.

Philip told the Bulletin this week that he has always written songs.
“They might not be all that great but it’s my way of coping, of letting go and moving on. With Love Process I hope to share some of those feelings, connect with my audience and hopefully help them with healing. There are literally 100,000s of songs being uploaded daily to DSPs about girls, boys, parties, dancing, make-ups and break-ups.

“I’m grounded in indie pop and grew up listening to Talk Talk, Ultravox, Bauhaus, Joy Division and New Order. Of course my songs are going to be off-kilter and highly emotional and I know that that’s not for everyone.

“Band member Adrià Acker, a young film composer specialising in scores for drama and horror flicks, is pushing me to expand my songwriting skills.

“I’ll put in hours, sometimes days on a new loop or beat and make the demo as close to how the track needs to sound before sharing it with the rest of the band. Simple structures, pop format and catchy with just enough information for the guys to digest the main musical elements then write and record their own parts.

“Many folks like me are drawn to familiar sounds; lush analogue synth chords, rave piano, acid bass, bleeps and plucks. Add a gruff male voice singing away his pains and you’ve just defined a 1000 bands! Why must I sing with a faux American accent when my musicianship is rooted in Kent? I’m proud of my Kentish accent and find inspiration and solace in the lyrics and delivery of Ian Dury, Madness and English artists,” Philip said.

Growing up in a market town in the South East of England
“I remember long summer nights where the privileged would rub shoulders with the kids from the local comprehensive at the many beer gardens and country pubs of the south.

“Recreational and designer drugs were the great leveller at festivals and illegal raves in 1990s England, and my county was no exception. Maybe a small part of us never came down ... .

“The early ‘90s music scene was a mash of styles, where rave lived happily alongside shoe-gaze and goth, perhaps that’s what draws me back there; the unity and the hope.

“It’s about taking negative emotions and turning them into a beautiful tale worth listening to.
“When writing, I know I’m not fully in control; seized by an idea, dealing with music creation at a molecular level, feeling it and chained to it.

“I wouldn’t wish inspiration on my worst enemy, for when creative obsession strikes, it’s not up to me to turn it off, it comes from somewhere deeper and won’t stop until it has manifested.
“One thing I have learnt is to only work with great musicians!

“Adrià is also currently working on an album of pieces for prepared piano and a commission for a new mini-series, all the while expanding his portfolio and professional network.

“In the studio he runs a tight ship and possesses a fine moral compass and a sharp work ethic.
“Drummer James Gambold relocated from London to Palma about six years ago looking for a calmer pace of life.

“Hailing from the world of London’s West End shows, he is a consummate professional and a rock-solid drummer.
“We met through a mutual friend and have been working on each other’s projects since then.
“It was James who suggested we mix sequenced drums and real kit and that makes our tracks shine.

“Bassist Wojtek Sobolewski has been my musical partner for almost 20 years, laying strong foundations in every group I’ve formed and now brings his unique style of playing to this collection of songs.

“With him in the studio, the sessions are focused on the fundamental principles of groove.
“The guys have tasked me with producing at least two songs a month throughout 2023 and the best of them will be released as EPs in the future, so I better get back to my sound laboratory and make music happen.

“After almost half a century on this planet, I have more life experience to draw from, more confidence to tell my story and the team beside me to make it sound lush.

“Expect a polished show containing live and sequenced elements, vast cinematic soundscapes, the tightest beats, a driving bassline and heartfelt vocals. That’s the sound of Love Process,” he explained.
However, the first and new single The Heart was Saved, which is a tribute to Philip’s late father, is now available on all platforms from today February 14, but all you will have to do is scan the QR code.