Although summer doesn't officially start until tomorrow, the lazy, summertime vibes are strong for the first half of the day. However, we might be feeling a bit crabby during the second half. Avoiding petty drama with folks will be helpful. Exercising boundaries and finding healthy ways to regulate our emotions may also be effective. On a positive note, the moodiness in the air begins to dissipate toward the evening. Participating in activities that provoke laughter, playfulness and creativity is encouraged.

(March 21 to April 19)
Go with the flow today. It's impossible to be in control of everything all the time. Give yourself an opportunity to relax and have a little fun.

(April 20 to May 20)
You may have strong opinions, but learning to be more open-minded or understanding can help you, too. Not everyone needs to do things your way.

(May 21 to June 20)
Try not to be envious of what anyone else has, because you have gifts of your own.

(June 21 to July 22)
Negative or demanding people may try to spoil your vibe, but you don't have to let them.

(July 23 to Aug. 22)
You may be feeling more tired than usual. Don't feel pressured to do more than you can handle. You'll be ready to get back at it soon enough.

(Aug. 23 to Sept. 22)
You may not be too keen on hanging out with folks or being around too many people. Enjoy some time that's just for you.

(Sept. 23 to Oct. 22)
Don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing the best you can. Your friends will rally behind you.

(Oct. 23 to Nov. 21)
It's important to focus on serious issues, but today calls on you to turn your attention toward things that are lighthearted, enjoyable and inspiring.

(Nov. 22 to Dec. 21)
Sometimes the things you want won't arrive when you want them to. That doesn't always mean the answer is "no."

(Dec. 22 to Jan. 19)
Be cooperative with others. Consider their advice or feedback. There's much that you can gain when you allow yourself to receive what others have to offer.

(Jan. 20 to Feb. 18)
You might be stretched thin today. Don't try to handle it all by yourself; call in some support or backup.

(Feb. 19 to March 20)
You can't make everyone happy. That's why it's important to do what works best for you instead.


You're passionate about life and achieving your goals. You have no problem working hard for what you want. Your intuition is strong, and you never fail to trust your gut. Although you can be uncompromising at times, with family and friends, you're a total sweetheart. You are also sensitive to how others feel, which is probably why you want to do so much good in the world. You have a big heart and a lot of love to share. This year, your calendar will be very busy. New experiences and opportunities await.