British fitness instructor and life coach Savannah Spencer running with baby Gia | Savannah Spencer


Bruce Springsteen sung it but Mallorca-based British fitness instructor and life coach Savannah Spencer has bossed it.

Last year, Liverpudlian Savannah, while pregnant with Gia, ran the Half Marathon Magalluf and the Binter NightRun Mallorca-Ultima Hora.

This year, she ran them both again, but this time with baby Gia in a special buggy and this sparked Savannah into helping postpartum mothers.

Savannah, who has spent numerous holidays on the island, in particular in and around Alcudia, decided, after long consultation with her husband, to make a major lifestyle change in the middle of Covid and move to Mallorca.

“It was not the best time to have made the move. It was complicated, but I think the lockdowns, with all the gyms closed and being unable to get out and about and exercise, never mind continue with my one-to-one training sessions, made us think about the future and what kind of one we wanted for us and our two children - J’nai, now 13, and nine-year-old Mateo. So in August 2020 we moved to Cala Major and we have never looked back.

“We love the way of life, it’s much more laidback, perhaps a little too much for me, but it made me slow down, which has been a good thing after having been on the go training for over seven years.

Covid also introduced me to remote training. I had to continue my work online and it not only worked for me, it worked for my clients, and I continue remote training and life coaching my clients all around the world from wonderful Mallorca.

"I have also created my own app which advises people on various health issues - exercise, diet, nutrition and the importance of drinking plenty of water, for example. And it’s not all dynamic training, it could just be a simple but regular walk. Walking is a great exercise and ideal for mums with the buggies and prams. That’s another thing I’ve learnt from remote training, more people are getting involved because they find it more comfortable. They can train where and when they want, they don’t have to be slaves to a gym.” she said.

And now, 31-year-old Savannah is offering a coaching programme for postpartum mothers who are feeling overwhelmed or feel like they can no longer proceed with their fitness goals or habits as they did before having a baby.

“I know as a mother of three that, more often than not, baby comes first and, as a result, mummy comes second and end ups with next to zero time for herself and more importantly her own well-being, mental and physical health, which is extremely important.

Goal of mine
“I have just made two more amazing fitness achievements as a postpartum mum but this time with my baby girl Gia.
“It was a goal of mine to return to last year’s running events but to have Gia with me in our running pram, which is specially designed by OutnAbout, for running with babies.

“In April we completed the Half Marathon Magalluf - 10K race in 57 minutes. Running with Gia in our buggy, which she absolutely loved; in fact, as we crossed the finish line, Gia was fast asleep.
“And this month we completed the Binter-Ultima Hora night run Palma - 5K race in 27 minutes. Again running with Gia in our buggy.

“We were invited up to the podium in the Magalluf 10K race for a celebration of achievement, which was a wonderful gesture by the organisers.
“It was a full circle moment for me, firstly running with my baby on the inside and now in the outside world too!

“And now, I want to share this with Mallorca and show more women that being active during your pregnancy has so many wonderful benefits for both mother and baby.
“I had such an active pregnancy with Gia, a wonderful birth and a healthy postpartum recovery, and I know a huge part of this is thanks to my active pregnancy journey and choices.

“In fact, Gia’s birth was the easiest of the three and I put that down to having kept my mind and body in shape during pregnancy. The only flip side is that Gia is extremely active. I guess she has been born to run and while she still can’t quite walk on her own, she is always on her feet and hates sitting down, so she’s keeping us all on our toes but we love it and, more importantly, so does she.

“But while having a baby is such a blessing, it is also very demanding, so making time for your own sanity and health is so important.
“Exercise is not just for me but for my three children too as it makes me a better mother for them.
“When I am my best version, they get the mother they deserve. Exercise releases so many emotions, endorphins and energy, which instantly improves my day, as life is busy as a mum of three, a wife and a fitness coach,” Savannah stressed.

Remain fit
“As a mother you can still have goals and remain fit and healthy; in fact you have more reason than anyone to do so because you have purpose in your children.
“The route to your goals may change slightly but that is all part of the journey, the destination is always achievable.
“Include your children in your health and fitness lifestyle as much as you can because your habits rub off on them.

“Baby Gia is just nine months old and has already competed in two running events.
“I hope this inspires mums to keep moving. If you enjoy running but do not get out much due to childcare, etc., get yourself a running buggy and take your children with you. I promise you they will love it just as much as you do.

“And if you are a postpartum mum looking for ways to stay active and meet new mums, you can join Gia and myself for our in-person mum and baby fitness class, every Friday morning on Cala Major beach at 9.30am.

“The class is sponsored by ergobaby, who kindly provide all the baby carriers for the class to ensure you and your baby are workout safe and ready.
“We exercise in front of the sea with our babies in the carriers and its such a beautiful way to end the week and connect with other mums on the same wonderful but difficult motherhood journey.
“Motherhood can feel lonely at times, which inspired me to build a community of active mums here in Mallorca,” she said.

For more information visit her on Instagram @savannahspencerfitpregnancy