Many holidaymakers feel uncomfortable in rooms that are constantly cooled by air conditioning. | J. MOREY


If you are currently travelling on Mallorca and the neighbouring islands, you know it too well: It is too warm outside, but far too cold inside the bus or the shopping mall. On trips, especially to warmer holiday destinations, you are constantly confronted with air conditioning. If you are not used to the drastic difference in temperature, you will quickly have to deal with a cold. Our sisiter paper Mallorca Magazine have provided some tips on how to stay healthy despite being surrounded by air conditioning.

The air conditioning in the bus or plane not only makes us shiver, but also dries out our mucous membranes. This is because the air from the air conditioner is much drier than the air that is sucked in. This can attract cold viruses more quickly. It is therefore helpful to always have eye drops and nasal spray with you to moisten the mucous membranes. It is also advisable to drink enough water.

Drink enough water

At altitudes of 10,000 metres and above, it is not uncommon for the humidity to be below ten percent. This not only affects the mucous membranes: The body also needs to be supplied with enough fluid on board. That's why you should always have enough water with you. There is plenty of water on board, which will be served on request. It is better to avoid caffeine and alcohol. These drinks deprive the body of additional fluids.

Compensate for temperature fluctuations

During a trip, temperatures fluctuate constantly. Already at the beginning of the holiday, the body has to cope with different ambiences, be it the air conditioning in the plane or the outside temperatures of the country of origin. It is therefore advisable to travel in what is known as an "onion skin". Even if it is warm in the holiday destination, summer dresses and flip-flops should be avoided during the trip. If you get cold easily, you should have socks and a scarf handy. The latter can easily be put on your shoulders to protect yourself from the cold air of the air-conditioning system.

It is better to use natural air instead of air-conditioned air

Even if the outside temperature is high, it makes sense to let fresh air into the hotel room or holiday flat. The early morning and late evening hours are particularly suitable for this in high summer. If it is too warm, you can switch on the air conditioning in between, but it is better not to leave it on overnight to avoid catching a cold.

The right clothes make the difference

Especially in summer, clothing should always be breathable and light. In addition, light colours should be preferred when choosing an outfit. In warm weather, light fabrics such as cotton and linen are particularly suitable. A scarf or shawl should always be at hand to protect you from the cool air.

Strengthen the immune system

To be prepared for drastic temperature changes, it also helps to strengthen the immune system before the trip. A healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, fresh air and exercise, enough sleep and little stress can help. Substances such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol should be largely avoided.