Artist Icon Zar dreamed up “Fine dining experience with a hungry artist” back in 2021, but the pandemic got in the way. The project consists of a series of initiatives, first of which - Seahorse Burger Movement – is presented below.

Icon Zar

Icon Zar is a visionary artist originating from Russia, recently settling in Mallorca. Her art goes beyond the conventional, beckoning viewers into a visual journey that fosters cross-cultural dialogues and inspires both conversation and action. While she is renowned for her artistic skills, Icon Zar is equally celebrated for her activism and philanthropy, utilizing her art to incite positive change in her community.

She shares the story behind her evocative artist name: “One of my favourite writers was Frederick Forsyth. He chose to write a novel employing research techniques akin to those used in journalism. In 1996, he released ‘Icon,’ depicting the ascent of fascists to power in post-Soviet Russia. This narrative was later adapted into a widely successful Hollywood movie. The term ‘Zar’ denotes central power in Russia, coupled with a steadfast belief that ‘Only a strong father can save Mother Russia.’ Being a woman, I chose to challenge this gender stereotype. George Sand also significantly inspired me.”

Seahorse burger movement

Drawing inspiration from Andy Warhol’s artistic vision and his famed burger-eating video, Icon Zar conceptualized a collaborative endeavour. She wants to unite Michelin star and other innovative chefs on the island to craft unique Seahorse Burgers available to the general public. Each sale will contribute one euro to marine life conservation charities.

This initiative springs from her fascination with seahorses, remarkable creatures where males experience pregnancy. She further connects this with the intriguing fact that the hippocampus, a vital brain region governing numerous bodily functions including memory and learning, bears a resemblance to a seahorse. Isn’t this connection curious?

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To spotlight marine life and challenge traditional gender roles, Icon Zar created a 3D printed sculpture of a Ferrari red seahorse with a golden belly. Drawing upon her childhood affection for Mickey Mouse, she envisioned a contemporary symbol that could spark discussions and represent current and future generations. She pondered, residing beside the sea, why not choose the seahorse? Could this vibrant red creature emerge as the Mickey Mouse of the 21st century?

Nit de l’Art

At this year’s Nit Nit de l'Art Icon Zar presents her creative art period from 2003-2023 in an exhibition named “Dear WWW.” Special guest will be Director of Palma Aquarium Foundation Debora Morrison. She will also run a TED Talk like presentation that will include talks by: gallerist Rosa Vanrell, curator Judith Sturm, Emma Boardman from Women in Business, architect Victoria Mogildea Aguirre and Donna Suarez from Celebrity magazine. Their topics will cover art and female empowerment.

Orlando’s Meet and Eat

For our first Dinner with a hungry artist Icon Zar invited me to Orlando’s Meet and Eat in Portals Nous. The place is owned by Orlando Furioso, an award winning gastronomy veteran from Berlin with 10 restaurants, two bars and a night club behind him. The night started with a bit of a spectacle: a waitress opened a bottle of champagne with a machete! We began with a delicious artichoke and crème fresh salad, followed by the most tender vitello tonnato ever. The star of the show was, of course, Furioso Seahorse Burger. Here it was made with wagyu beef, crème fresh and red caviar, and garnished with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, pickles and chef Carlos’s secret sauce. One euro from each sale will go to Palma Aquarium Foundation.

Grilled to perfection, juicy, rich in flavours and textures, this was definitely amongst top 3 burgers I have ever tried on this island. Can you beat it? Join forces with Icon Zar, have fun creating and save the seahorses!


Icon Zar at Nit de l’Art: 23rd of September 2023 from 7pm at Gabriel Vanrell Galeria d´Art, Palma
Sponsored by: icon Zar Art Agency