We caught up with Mr Pink after a four-night break in Alcudia. | Matt Pink


Matt Pink is a man on a mission. Author, coach, podcast host and influencer, he’s here to tell the world that sober is far from boring and beige. Having been to the depths of despair, and turned his life around, Matt now helps others break free from the ‘cycle of doom’ so they too can live a life of purpose, happiness, and freedom. We caught up with Mr Pink after a four-night break in Alcudia.

Q.— What brought you to Mallorca?
A. — “Alcudia was a last-minute thing. Fed up with the British weather, I scored a cheap package deal that cost about what I would have spent had I stayed in Bedford. I walked, ate tapas, drank 0.0 beers, and hosted Zooms for my Dryy app. It was a decent break, and I came back refreshed.”

Q.— Have you always had a pep in your step?
A. — “Far from it, life’s been tough. In 2012, I thought I had it made. I was in my late 20s and living the dream: good job, nice house, wife and 2.4 kids. Then, in April 2013, our four-and-a-half-month-old son Rocco died in his sleep - everything changed. It was my first taste of grief and I didn’t know where to turn. I looked to my wife and parents for support, but they were all broken. Alcohol was the only thing available to numb my emotions and it swiftly became something I ‘needed’ instead of ‘wanted’. I slipped into self-destruct mode.”

Q.— How did you turn your life around?
A. — “Strange as it sounds, two separate, but connected, spiritual encounters put me back on track. The first came in 2014. I’d tried counselling, but hated sharing my soul with a stranger, so impulsively booked a random session with a medium. Among other things, she reassured me my son was safe, said Rocco was a recurring spirit, and he’d be here again. I cried tears of relief, like someone had stuck a pin in me and released the pressure. I asked if we could meet again, but she said, ‘darling if we ever need to see you, we’ll come to you’. I felt better, but it wasn’t enough. As time went by, I lost my wife, my kids, and was beyond caring if I lived or died.”

Q.— And the second encounter?
A. — “In 2018, on day three of a drug-and-alcohol-fuelled bender, I was outside a London pub smoking a cigarette. Out of nowhere, a guy approached me. He spoke fast, said I was close to a flower, that I needed to be with K, and was a star of the world. I should kick my bad habits, stop drinking and help others. It was the first time someone had told me directly to quit booze. Mad as it was, he made sense. The flower was my daughter Lily, K was Kirsty who I’d swiped right for a few weeks prior, and the star was a tattoo in memory of Rocco. The medium was right, they’d ‘come to me’. It felt like someone had guided me back on track and the healing began. I joined the gym, listened to sober podcasts, and started taking breaks from alcohol. I also married Kirsty. By January 2020 I was ready to explore sobriety, then lockdown hit. Stuck indoors I was at a T-junction - it could go either way - but I grabbed my chance and on 21 April 2020, age 36, I went sober. I’ve not drunk since.”

Q.— What did your holidays used to look like?
A. — “I’m no stranger to travel. When I was 24, I travelled round the world for a year and have always loved a city break. Holidays became more booze-soaked when we started to go all-inclusive. We’d rock up at some resort in Turkey or wherever, have a few beers at lunch, snooze in the afternoon, struggle to get up for dinner, down a couple of vodkas, watch some Turkish dude butcher an Elvis tribute, fall into bed, sleep, and repeat.”

Kirsty and Matt Pink.

Q.— Are holidays different now?
A. — “Totally, I’ve caught the travel bug and am currently working my way round major European cities. We’ve done Venice, Milan, Athens, and I spent my 40th in Paris last year. The plan is to re-visit the likes of Edinburgh, Dublin, and Glasgow - without booze.”

Q.— What’s your relationship with Mallorca?
A. — “I first came when I was 18 - a mad Magalluf session with 20 blokes - and then a full-on lads’ holiday in Palmanova in my 20s. I must have liked it, as we came back a few years ago for an alcohol-free week in Paguera with the family. I fell in love with the Island as a sober father of four. The clear water, the mountains, Palma. Beneath the bars, clubs, and bucket and spades, there’s plenty to explore and experience.”

Q.— Any advice for a sober holiday?
A. — “The best advice I can give is get up early. Set the alarm for 6.30am, go running, walking, exploring, get a sweat on and feel good. Grab a shower and have a healthy breakfast with the family. By the time you hit the lounger, you’ll be buzzing with achievement. Learn while you sunbathe, bring books and listen to podcasts. If you’re into fitness, you’re onto a winner as there’s always the opportunity for a gym session. Then get to bed at a decent time.”

Q.— How can you handle a stag do without booze?
A. — “My top tip is to stay at a different hotel. I just did this on a lads’ ski trip and it worked a treat. I could get a few hours on the slopes before they woke from their slumber. They didn’t miss me if I disappeared - far too sloshed to notice what I was up to. Another hint is to tell your travel mates in advance that you won’t be drinking. This will help avoid any conflict or ambiguity. Your actions might even permeate throughout the group and give others permission to go alcohol-free.”

Q.— Won’t you be missing out?
A. — “Trust me, there’s nothing more boring than a hangover. Perhaps you’ll miss the buzz of that first sip of a cold alcoholic drink, but everything else is a net gain. Don’t overthink it, just choose the 0.0 beer or virgin cocktail and enjoy your holiday.”

Dryy App co-creators Andy Ramage and Matt Pink.

Q.— Do you wish you’d gone sober earlier?
A. — “No regrets. I’m 40 and I’ve done so much in the last four years. I’ve built up an 82,000-plus insta following, written a best-selling book (Better Me, Better You), started two businesses, launched the Dryy app with fellow sober entrepreneur Andy Ramage, run a marathon and I’m learning how to speak Spanish and ski – not at the same time. I’m also a better Dad, beyond better.
It’s like living in a tin, then you peel the lid back and see the stars. Stopping drinking is the ultimate hack, without alcohol you make progress in every area of your life. Everyone’s drunk, upset, depressed, on pills, so quit drinking, get outdoors and do something with your life. As Benjamin Franklin said, many people die at age 25 but are not buried until they’re 75, live your potential and follow your dreams.”

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