An estimated 75,000 hire cars on the islands. | Jaume Morey


Podemos are pressing for a limit to the number of hire cars in the Balearics. The party wants island councils to comply with national law on climate change and establish low CO2 emission zones. An aspect of this would be to limit the number of hire cars which arrive on the islands. Another would be, if councils were to wish this, limits on private vehicles coming from the mainland. This is already the case in Formentera, while the council in Ibiza has also been studying this possibility.

At a meeting on Monday, the Podemos executive in the Balearics agreed to present motions aimed at limiting vehicles under article 14.3 of the climate change law. This obliges municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants and island territories to establish low-emission zones by limiting access, traffic and parking.

The party points to the "indiscriminate" arrival of hire cars. There will be around 75,000 on the islands this year and which will add to the some one million vehicles owned by residents of and businesses in the Balearics. Podemos believe that this is unsustainable in both environmental and economic terms.