Thousands of extra hire cars are being shipped to Mallorca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The cost of renting a car in Mallorca is about to get even more expensive.Trasmed shipped 1,000 rental cars from Barcelona to Mallorca on Saturday night, but now that the tourism industry is back on track that's just not enough.

Car hire companies plan on bringing another 2,500 rental cars to Mallorca in May to fulfil rental requests. But both the Balearic Vehicle Rental Association, or Aevab and the Balearic Association of Vehicle Rental Companies, or Baleval point out that around 75,000 will be needed this summer.

Before the Covid pandemic car companies were shipping 120,000 to Mallorca for the summer season.

During Easter week business was booming and car hire companies are hoping that’s a sign of things to come in high season. But if you're looking for a cheap deal forget it.

"Prices during the summer will be higher than pre-pandemic,” warned Aevab President, Ramón Reus.

“The situation has changed and marketing has become very expensive because demand is very high and there’s not enough cars,” says Baleval President, Antoni Masferrer. “The cost of rental cars at Easter was 70-130 euros per day which has eradicated the clientele that used to rent cars because they were very cheap.”