More tourist beds tha ever in the Balearics. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Alba Feixas


Holiday property rentals are proving more popular than ever in the Balearics.
In little more than a decade, rental occupancy has risen by 181,71 which means that the overall rental accommodation on offer has grown by 43% in a decade.

The Balearics currently offers a total of 625,416 tourist beds, which means that there is a bed for one tourist per two inhabitants of the region, and that does not take into account the black market, which continues to be offered on websites.

The consequence of all this offer is that the Balearics has become one of the regions in the Mediterranean with the highest ratio of tourist beds per inhabitant.
And that is despite the wave of regulations that have been passed to control the rental market, the reality is that the number of places has not stopped growing.
In 2012 there were 421,998 hotel beds in the Balearics.

Ten years on, the Balearic has 20,000 more beds on offer with the total figure standing at 443,706.
There is no data on holiday rental beds, but there were hardly any beds before the explosion of internet marketing, so the 181,713 holiday rental beds recorded by the National Statistics Institute have been created over the past ten years.
In other words, there are now 200,000 more accommodation places than there were ten years ago.