The illegal parking of motor homes is causing problems. | Teresa Ayuga


The Council of Mallorca plans to start working with local councils in order to set up specific parking spaces and services for motor homes, caravans and camper vans, providing administrative and legal support.

The spokesperson for Ciudadanos, Beatriz Camiña, argued that these vehicles consume much less water than other tourists.
“If we want to have more quality tourism, I don’t understand why the activity is not regulated,” she said, adding that the aim of the motion is to provide “legal certainty”.

The island’s councillor for Territorial Planning, Maria Antònia Garcías, pointed out that caravans are not considered a tourist activity.

That said, there is no denying that motor homes, caravans and camping are becoming more popular and is an important tourism activity in the rest of Europe, including mainland Spain and therefore they can not be ignored.

Two meetings have already been held with local councils and the Council of Mallorca has made it clear that it will provide what help is required in enabling councils to set aside what will eventually become campsites.

The news has been welcomed by residents’ associations in various parts of the island where caravans are “parking up” illegally in residential areas, not to mention front line roads along the coast causing serious problems.

In the long term, camping could become another niche market in Mallorca if property managed.