Some of Spain's top holiday destinations are looking at bringing back masks. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Balearic government said last week the any form of reintroiducing face masks because of the latest upswing in Covid cases is not on the table, but the situation is extremely fluid and some regions of Spain are considering bringing back masks to stem the latest wave of the virus.

Spain no longer has any COVID-19 entry requirements for anyone arriving into the country from the EU or Schengen area.

Holidaymakers from the UK, and other countries outside the EU or Schengen area, need to show proof of full vaccination, or proof of recovery, or a negative antigen test result (taken in the 24 hours before departure) or a negative PCR test (taken in the 72 hours before depature).

Health screening is in place at all Spanish airports and ports to ensure passengers comply with these rules.

So far, the Spanish government has ruled out the reintroduction of the indoor masks rule, which was lifted in April for bars, shops and restaurants, but not on public transport.

While Britons can currently just wear them if they choose to, the possibility of forcing people to wear masks inside remains on the table with central government.

Catalonia, for example, has asked the elderly to voluntarily wear masks indoors and the Canary Islands are not ruling out demanding mask indoors again “to protect the vulnerable”.

And the Costa del Sol is also considering masks being reintroduced indoors.

As the Bulletin reported last week, Spain's Minister of Health, Carolina Darias believes people should consider wearing masks indoors again to maintain protection due to an increase in both infections and hospital admissions.