Getting from Scotland to Mallorca in the winter is still a "nightmare". | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The debate over the lack of direct flights between Scotland and Mallorca has been raging for years and it appears that the situation has not got any better, despite growing demand. Today, the Majorca Daily Bulletin received this letter highlighting the problem:

“Dear All. Thank you so much for all hard work keeping us informed about life in Mallorca.
My wife and I have a place in Port De Soller and been coming to Mallorca for over 28 years. We are now retired and will spend as much time as we can there, (the nightmare of the 180 day a year rule ) and the loops and jumps you have to do to get a non lucrative visa, but that’s another long long story.

"The thing I would like to comment on is “British Tour Operators want a 10 month season in Mallorca”. My wife and I live in Edinburgh and come the end of October to the end of March, we in Scotland have to go via London or Barcelona, Hamburg, Alicante, Malaga, you name the airport we have done the jump and the strange thing is, every time we do these flights, a good percentage of the passengers are from Scotland.

For example we fly on the 20th of November from Edinburgh on the 6am flight to Stansted, then from there to Palma arrival at 12:45, so a long day, at airport at 4am a 9 hour journey.
On the way back on the 29th, Palma leave at 16:55 to Hamburg then on to Edinburgh arrival at 22:35.

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This kind of journey we do three times from November to mid March.

I believe that airlines and local movers and shaker’s forget the Scots, speaking for ourselves we bring thousands of pounds into the local community, employing local people that do work for us and eating in restaurants and using the local shops etc. etc.

I know my wee letter won’t make any difference. But your paper can start a campaign.
And it’s not just Scotland it’s the North of England as well .

Yours hopefully
Fred Graham"