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According to long-serving Conservative MP Sir Roger Gale, who for years has championed and defended the rights of British expats in Spain and across Europe, British expat pensioners will gain from the increase in pensions announced this week by Jeremy Hunt, however, there could be a catch for those who moved abroad after Brexit and the UK left the European union.

Sir Roger told the Bulletin: “My understanding is that those who already qualify for uprating (former EU citizens still resident within the EU) will qualify.
“Those with ‘froze’ UK pensions (Canada, Australia, SA etc) will not.

What is less clear is the position of those who left the UK to take up residence in EU states after we left the EU.

“I shall be interested to know of anyone in that category who finds that there pension is not uprated.”
So, British expat pensioners would be wise to check their status because, according to Hunt, pensions and welfare benefits will rise in line with inflation next April.