Rafa Nadal and family in Turin under the umbrellas. | Hola Twitter


A month after the birth of his son, Rafael Nadal is in Italy for the Turin Masters Cup. And with him is his wife, Mery Perelló, and baby Rafael.

Hola magazine has published an exclusive photo of the couple and child in Turin. Umbrellas were up because it was raining.

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Nadal, excited about being a father, doesn't want to miss any opportunity to be with his son. Prior to the Rolex Paris Masters, he said that being away would not be easy. "You leave your child at home and without being able to see him after two or three weeks, when we still barely know each other, and you already miss him, it's a new experience, but all changes are difficult in life."

For now, tournaments are comparatively close to home. Soon enough, though, there will be the challenge of greater distance, such as with the Australian Open.

But Nadal has said that thanks to technological advances, he will be able to keep in close touch. "We are lucky that with technology we can make video calls. This is something that helps a lot."