Ruben Östlund in Palma in October. | Jaime Morey


The residents of Campos, members of the Mallorcan hostelry and tourist sector and a group of South American tourists visiting the island played a key role in the success of Triangle of Sadness, which debuted to rapturous reviews at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and went on to win Palme d’Or - the second time its director Ruben Östlund has won this award and was today nominated for three Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director and Original Screenplay.

Acclaimed Swedish film director and writer, Östlund, who made his English-language debut feature with the film, participated in the last edition of the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival in October in Palma - he actually opened the festival with a special screening of the film.

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He revealed that the first test screenings of the film during post-production and editing were held in Campos - where he now lives.

It transpires that a little over a year ago, he and his wife bought a small townhouse in Campos.
They have a young boy and they wanted to be closer to the grandparents, who live in Sant Llorenç, and reduce the constant travelling back and forth to the island.

So, Campos has become more than a second home and Ruben said that not only was most of the editing of the film carried out in Campos, the first test screenings were held in the village as well.
And, his next project, set inside an airplane, look set to be shoot in Mallorca.