Nicole Kidman filming in Formentor Beach. | Joan Llado


At this time of the month in July, rumours and assumptions start to be published in the media about when one or other members of the Spanish Royal Family will arrive to spend their holidays at the Marivent Palace. But the truth is that as a general rule the first one to arrive each year is Queen Sofía, who after all is the one who spends most of her time at the Marivent Palace during the summer or even during some of her winter getaways.

Queen Sofia in Palma in 2021.

The Royal Family’s holiday schedule is never known for certain until the day it happens. As usual, King Felipe will take part in the Copa del Rey Regatta if there are no last minute changes, and we will probably see the whole family posing again in some idyllic corner of the island.

Marc Marquez and Gemma Pinto in Sant Telmo.

Marc Márquez, six times Moto GP world champion, has spent a few days in Mallorca this year, specifically in a house in the Alcudia, accompanied by his girlfriend Gemma Pinto and some friends. All of them visited the Rafa Nadal Academy, ate at the Sa Punta restaurant in Cala Bona, and enjoyed a nautical holiday on a yacht anchored in a small cove near San Telmo, where he took the opportunity to practice paddle surfing with his girlfriend.

Zoe Saldana filming in Formentor Beach.

This month also brings some film news. On the 23rd the Paramount series Lioness, the film shot partly in Mallorca and starring actresses Nicole Kidman and Zoe Saldaña, will be released. Several days of filming took place in the area of Formentor where we could see a spectacular scene in which Zoe, an American soldier, disembarks with her army on the beach.

Julian Looman and Elen Ryhs in Portals, for The Mallorca Files shooting.

And at the end of the month the filming of the third season of the successful British series The Mallorca Files, starring the Welsh actress Elen Ryhs and the Austrian actor Julian Looman, who play two policemen who come to Mallorca to solve different crimes that happen on the island, will finish. A few days ago we were able to see the filming of one of the last scenes, which took place in Puerto Portals.