The Helicopter Centre gets a closer look to Mark Zuckerberg's superyacht and helicopter. | Youtube: Majorca Daily Bulletin TV


The video taken by The Helicopter Centre of Mark Zuckerberg's fleet of yachts and even a helicopter in Mallorca is a dream for Facebook and would surely gets thousands of likes. It certainly takes luxury travel to another level.

First, there is the yacht: the newly built Launchpad is a floating palace and everyone would like it! Then there is the support vessel, Wingman, and then there is a fleet of smaller craft. Who wouldn´t like it! In the video taken by Son Bonet-based, The Helicopter Centre, you can clearly see a helicopter landing on the Wingman with Launchpad moored nearby.

There is speculation that Zuckerberg himself will be travelling to the island shortly to enjoy his new toys which have already caused a Facebook sensation in Mallorca. Both his vessels had been moored in the Club de Mar in Palma and there are now believed to be off Santa Ponsa.

In the world rankings for largest yachts, Launchpad, is listed at number 46 and she was completed earlier year in time for the start of the Mediterranean summer. The fact that she is owned by the Facebook tycoon is a closely guarded secret.

It is not unusual for the big superyachts to have their own support vessels. Amazon tycoon, Steve Bezos, brought his new yacht to Mallorca last year, support vessel included. The sailing yacht Koru cost in excess of 500 million dollars.