Something is definitely happening under the new Socialist-led left-wing administration. We are well aware of the open warfare which has broken out between Palma and Madrid over funding plus plans to reintroduce the tourist tax, which this time around is gathering support from some sectors of the tourist industry, the push for more renewable energy, the gradual ban on bullfighting and the expansion of the region’s nature reserves, but at local council level, things are moving too. Despite the fact the local elections were only in May, the new administrations have not wasted any time in getting down to work, and it is not just me who has noticed.

Only yesterday a fellow resident in Palma commented to me that the city centre appeared to be much cleaner.

“This morning, instead of the mini street cleaning machine which usually attempts to clean my street, a giant truck appeared accompanied by two road sweepers who swept all the waste water away, I’ve never seen the streets of Palma looking so clean,” I was told.

I have always thought, and have put my thoughts in print on many occasions, that the centre of Palma needed some extra TLC and it would appear that the new local council does care about keeping the city clean.
I only hope that the council keeps it up.