The new Balearic government will officially start work next week. I know it sounds amazing because the elections were back in May but I think you can safely say that little or nothing has been done since the election apart from forming the actual government pact. The left-wing coalition has a number of ambitious and controversial policies such as the tourist tax but so far the actual work on all these projects has not actually started. The long August break means that government action has been limited to a minimum. I think really that the incoming government should have remained at their desks over the long summer break. A new government means plenty of uncertainty and of course plenty of work which needs to be done. It must be remembered that the Balearics also lives from tourism and August is obviously the peak month of the year so it is madness that the local authorities all but close down and go on holiday themselves. When Francina Amengol, the new President of the Balearic government, sits down to work next week she will find that she has a mountain to climb. Keeping her coalition government together will be no easy task and of course the controversial policies will mean that there is plenty of talking to do. The hoteliers have already had their say on the levy and her government appears to be on a collision course with them at the moment. September is certainly going to be a busy month.