You would have thought that a Minister for Europe would have known better. Minister David Lidington said yesterday that the right of Britons to live in Spain and France could be jeopardised if Britain votes to leave the European Union. These are scare tactics of the worst kind and not only do they show that there is deep concern within the British government of a possible upset in the referendum vote, they clearly underline the fact that some ministers are willing to go to any length to get the vote. I think what the minister was trying to say is that it would be unclear what status new British residents to the European Union would have if Britain left. I think there is a danger that things could get out of hand. The minister must remember that there are thousands of British citizens living abroad who are rather concerned at the European Union referendum and they want assurances rather than fear tactics. I would remind the British government that it is their job to protect British citizens and ensure their wellbeing. I sincerely hope that the Minister of Europe will get to work at once to ensure that our rights are protected whether Britain leaves or stays. This is the job of the government. Now it might appear to some back in Britain that the European referendum is rather fun but remember that the people who live abroad are watching with rising concern. Do not use fear tactics because the whole thing could simply backfire.