I have come to the conclusion that Britain leaving the European Union would be complete madness. The "No" campaign have been accused of using fear tactics but the "Yes" campaign are just as bad because they still have not given the necessary answers to so many questions. My biggest question is: how will Britain survive outside a trading bloc which has played a key role in British business for so many years? Many foreign-owned companies operating in Britain at the moment built factories in the United Kingdom because it was a member of the European Union. They export directly from Britain to other European Union states. Now, the "Yes" campaign will tell you that nothing will change if Britain leaves the EU, but I am not so sure. In fact, no-one, whatever they tell you, is sure. Could a European Union tax be placed on all British exports - unlikely but stranger things have happened. But this is not really my point. Britain has the fifth biggest economy in the world and until this EU referendum madness got underway the British economy and the pound sterling were doing exceptionally well. So if it isn’t broken why try and fix it? As a direct result of the uncertainty caused by the referendum the pound has fallen which will mean that British tourists will have less spending power while on holiday this summer in Majorca. The European Union is obviously not perfect and it does need to change but Britain can change it from within rather than outside.