I have made my views on the European Union referendum vote very clear in this space over the last month, so the only thing I have left to say is to call on the winning and losing sides to respect the result and hopefully this will be the end of the issue. I would not like to see a repeat of the Scottish referendum result which really didn´t resolve anything: Scotland has a nationalist government which is pro-independence even though it voted stay.

I don´t think the referendum has shown Britain in a good light; there has been too much false information but at least Thursday's referendum should mean that the issue of EU membership in Britain is finally resolved. I do not live in Britain but I would urge Britain to stay because a British pullout would have a damaging affect on the lives of expats in Spain. I also believe that it is better for Britain to be a part of something which one day could work, rather than being on the sidelines.

I remember my parents saying that the European Union issue had got out of hand: they voted for a Common Market back in 1975 and now we have a European Union of nations. But I think I would sum up my views with the following: Britain has the fifth biggest economy in the world, so if it isn't broken then why fixit. I believe that Britain can have a bright future within the EU because Britain has proved a point with the referendum. Change is needed and the EU must take note.