I was pleased to see that Theresa May and Mariano Rajoy gave assurances to British and Spanish citizens that the British exit from the EU will not affect them. While it is good news and will give some welcome respite for thousands of Britons in Spain and Spaniards in Britain I don't really understand how the two leaders can make this statement because so far no-one real knows the implications of Brexit.

The British government has said that some EU immigrants could be forced to leave the UK. I suppose it all depends on the deal which Britain negotiates with the EU but already the government has said that it will not agree to the free movement of labour in any deal with the EU, which could mean that Britons working in Spain will need a work permit and likewise for Spaniards in Britain.

So basically the situation is still very complicated and there are many unanswered questions. One of the reasons why Britain voted to leave was to try and reduce immigration. I doubt that the British government is now going to take a soft line on immigration. It is early days but I hope that Rajoy and May are right, and we do not have anything to worry about. The exit from the EU could have enormous implications for all of us.