The new trendy left-wing party Podemos is calling for the vice-president, the Balearic minister for tourism, Biel Barceló, to resign over suspect contracts sanctioned by other members of his political party Més. Now, the other fashionable youth movement, the centre-right party Ciudadanos, have called a vote of confidence in the Balearic president, Francina Armengol.

Last time Francina Armengol was in government, she was the president of the Council of Majorca as part of another left-wing coalition government led by former president, now senator, Francesc Antich.

That coalition all started off well with a good old mixed grill of centre left, far left, communists and republicans all singing off the same song sheet and, with some heartfelt and honest intentions for the Balearics and the Balearic people. Very much like the coalition we have now.

However, too many cooks ... too many chiefs - whatever phrase you feel is applicable, this coalition is all starting to fall to pieces with the cracks widening every day and the tension mounting. Parliamentary speakers have already come and gone as have a few ministers, the latest the one for transparency - her fingers were in the suspect contracts pie. And, come June, the mayors who form part of the coalition government will play musical chairs as the new ones, some from other parties, take over the for second half. Should be a good run in to the end.