You can tell that the Balearic economy is doing well. Try getting a table at the majority of restaurants on a Sunday and you will find that if you haven't booked you will be disappointed. In some cases it isn't even worth trying. "Call after 3.30pm you might be lucky" is the standard answer if you haven't reserved. Also, it must be said that it is not cheap eating out in Majorca any more and I agree with my colleague Frank Leavers who said in a recent column that you don't get much change from 50 euros from a lunch for two.

It is a Majorcan tradition to go out for lunch on a Sunday with the family, but even this was sacrificed during the years of recession. The economy has recovered and people are back eating out. Also, there does appear to be a decline in the number of restaurants which offer the good old 'menu del dia'. I remember that it wasn't long ago that most restaurants offered this sort of cut price lunchtime menu in Palma. These days it has declined. Restaurants say that this was as a direct result of the recession. Many people could no longer afford to have lunch out at a restaurant and elected to take sandwiches to work. The economy may have recovered but the 'menu del dia' is still off the menu. However, it must be said that the variety of restaurants on offer on the island at the moment is second to none. You are certainly spoilt for choice. Prices may have risen but there are restaurants for all tastes.