Too many cars, too many cruise ships, too many tourists. You would have thought that Majorca would be basking in the success of its tourist industry. But no, there appear to be too many moans. Yes, Majorca is crowded during the key summer months but that is the price we pay for having a buoyant economy which is driven by the tourist millions. Let’s face it we are only talking about three months of the year. This winter the island has been very quiet; in fact too quiet. Like it or not the local economy needs giant cruise ships coming into port. If they are turned away that will send out the wrong message. The ports authority needs to ensure that visits by cruise ships are staggered so that they are not all arriving in port on the same day and time. It is not rocket science.

I understand the complaints of some who say that Palma is overcrowded but I would also warn them that we would be in big trouble if the city wasn't crowded during the summer months. We can't have the cake and eat it. Sacrifices have to be made in return for the high standard of living which the island enjoys. Over the last decade Majorca has enjoyed some excellent summer seasons. But I can remember some poor seasons when there was a big fall in tourism. This hit the local economy hard. Yes, the crowding can be eased but remember that we need tourism. We are not in the lucky position to say that enough is enough. Tourists are needed and in big numbers.