Yes, I agree with the Council of Majorca when it claims that island roads are overcrowded, but I do not believe that the blame should be placed on tourists and hire cars. I would say that one of the biggest users of public transport are tourists. It is quite amazing the large number of tourists you will find at the main bus and train station in the Plaza España in Palma. Tourists are heavily reliant on public transport whether it is in the resorts or in Palma. So perhaps the local authorities should take aim at the resident population and urge them to use public transport.

There should be no complaints, the bus and train services are first rate on the island and well priced. Take the Palma metro. Launched to link central Palma with the Balearic university, unfortunately it is used by one man and his dog. Why? However, the road leading to the university is packed with cars. So the local authorities have to ask themselves the question: why is the metro being underutilised?

The simple answer is that as a result of the high standard of living in Majorca we have two or even three-car families. The arrival of summer and the hire cars means that the roads are congested. The answer should be simple. If the local authorities can persuade island residents to take the bus or train then there would be little congestion. The chances of this happening are very slim so we shouldn't really moan about congestion. It is a homegrown problem.