The British holiday market has plenty of ups and downs. I have a theory that when sterling is strong the Balearics have a good holiday year. But in Majorca we are lucky because so many different nationalities come here...but spare a thought for Minorca, which relies very heavily on the British market. As a result of a mixture of the World Cup, the UK heatwave and the drop in the value of sterling fewer Britons are coming to the Balearics on holiday. Majorca has been nipped by the fall but Minorca has been seriously bitten and there is some concern. The summer season is shorter there so there is plenty of work to do. But the Council of Minorca is not sitting back. The demise of Monarch, with its regular service to Britain, was a blow for the island and now the Council of Minorca are offering grants to airlines so that they operate to Minorca during the winter months. An estimated 300,000 euros has been set aside for this plan and the aim is that there will be direct flights to Britain from the airlines during the winter months. It is certainly a good idea and perhaps the authorities in Majorca should also take note. But returning to the summer, Minorca is a classic example of not putting all your eggs into one basket. Now, the British tourist has always been loyal to the Balearics but there are other areas of the Mediterranean which are cheaper, which are fighting for a share of the British market. Minorca must try and attract other nationalities as well.