While the majority of MPs on all sides of the house continue to fail to honour the wishes of their constituents, especially those who voted to leave in the referendum over two years ago, the top dogs at the EU must remember that it is not going to all be one-way traffic; it can’t be - Brexit has not quite buried democracy.

As the weeks and months have gone by, nearly every day a new Brexit chestnut has been revealed and one I was informed about only a few weeks ago put the pressure very much on EU citizens based in the UK and working for UK companies.

It was brought to my attention by a senior employee of one of the UK's largest companies that all of its employees from EU countries (over 25 per cent of the workforce) will, post-Brexit, have to register as resident in the UK should they wish to continue working for the company. He told me that other major companies have issued similar notifications to their EU employees. If they fail to do so, they risk losing their job.

One would therefore presume that, if "the deal" is the finite deal and Juncker, Barnier and all maintain that there is not going to be any more wiggle room, however the votes go in parliament, this clause must be locked into the deal. So, not everything is stacked against the UK as one would believe from the rhetoric coming out of the EU.