I will no doubt be advised, by some, to mind my own business as “we are guests in Spain” but no one objects to comments on Spanish politics, tourism, driving habits etc. While the Spanish media are all too quick to take a swipe at anything British they object to - Palma City Council and the Balearic government should do everything within their powers to stop tomorrow night’s bullfight from going ahead in the capital.

In 2015 a local campaign calling for a complete ban gathered 127,000 signatures, that far out numbers the size of the crowd expected tomorrow, and will no doubt have gathered even more support over the past few years.

I thought there was supposed to be a bullfighting ban in the Balearics, it was passed in 2016 and subsequently challenged by the former Partido Popular right wing Spanish government in Madrid. But they are no longer in government, they’ve been put out to pasture, rather like the bulls which arrived on the island on Tuesday, although politicians don’t get killed at the end of their weekly sessions. Supporters of bullfighting argue that it is a key part of Spanish culture and have gone to court to protect the spectacle although a host of regions want to ban bullfighting.

I went to one once, right in the heart of bullfighting country in Anadalusia - culture it is not, I would not even say it’s a sport. It’s pure bloodthirsty cruelty which has to be stopped. I am surprised the EU allows it.


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Martin / Hace over 2 years

I'm totally against bullfighting, but this is a lazy and ill-informed piece.

First, the reason why this event is being allowed to go ahead is that the Balearic law was ruled invalid by the Spanish Constitutional Court. This may come as a surprise to some, but Spain has an independent judicial system to which politicians answer, not the other way round.

Second, the EU has absolutely no say in the matter. On what basis would the EU intervene? So many people seem to think that the EU is some kind of super-policeman of Europe, able to swoop in and change other country's laws on a whim. Indeed, people believing that was one of the motivations behind the Brexit vote. The EU has no role here, any more than it would have a role in Catalonian, or indeed Scottish, independence.


chris atkin / Hace over 2 years

What's your view on how the world trade in meat operates while we're on the subject of animal cruelty?


Georgi / Hace over 2 years

Fortunately the majority of Spaniards and many foreigners have a different view on the subject and not only that the corrida will happen , but the venue is sold out completely. Enough false pretences and attacks against Spain's heritage and culture.