A cunning plan or a kick in the teeth for democracy?

I will let you decide but Prime Minister Boris Johnson has certainly been bold and he could just be the person who delivers Brexit. On the other hand his days in Number 10 could be numbered if Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn pushes ahead with a no-confidence.

The Prime Minister has effectively reduced the time parliament has to debate and vote on any Brexit deal or development, with what appears to a rather outrageous stunt; by dissolving parliament for a new Queen´s speech.

To be honest if this is the best thing that Johnson can do to achieve Brexit, then will the last person to leave Britain please turn the light off. Whatever happened to negotiation, not with just the European Union but with British Members of Parliament and with the British people. Johnson is trying to push Brexit through via the back door in an effort to break the deadlock in parliament.

There are some who will say that MPs will never reach a decision on Brexit and parliament will never agree so the Prime Minister had little option but to take this action. But I would tell them that Britain is admired across the world for its democracy and its parliament.

The whole Brexit process may not have shown parliament in a good light but it was democracy at work. By trying to run rough-shot over parliament Johnson could be accused of failing the British people and their parliament.


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Marilyn Stenberg / Hace over 2 years

Parliament comprises of our elected representatives. They are not the enemy.


GeorgeP / Hace over 2 years

The whole world has gone Monster Raving Loony! Boris- Leave-remain-dither-no deal- Trump- fake news- Amazon on fire- climate up the spout- Putin and his nuclear powered nukes- north korea- hong kong- and on and on and on.


kenione / Hace over 2 years

You should realise that Boris Johnson has acheived more in 4 weeks than Mrs May did in 3 years .As parliament will never respect the will of the majority of the people in the Referemdum vote, it is the only way to ensure that we leave with no further time wasting extensions.


Stan / Hace over 2 years

I support BO -JO 100 %. Time to stop playing around with Brussels Bullies. Corbyn is acting like a Communist Leader. Labour et al , will continue to reject any negotiations. So for me GO BO JO. Time to lead Britain out as voted for in a Public Vote. No more rejections or attempted negotiations with the Brussels Bullies. No more messing about, OUT DEAL or NO DEAL