I do not particularly like Jeremy Corbyn and I am not alone in thinking that some of his policies would be bad for the United Kingdom but I do believe in fair play, a word which seems to be sadly missing from everyday life in Britain at the moment.

Corbyn was ridiculed by some of Britain´s more popular newspapers yesterday for being a “chicken” for not backing Prime Minister Boris Johnson´s election call. Corbyn has been calling for an election for at least two years but Labour and the other opposition parties fear that if there is an election, parliament will be dissolved and there is a danger that Britain could crash out of the European Union without a deal.

So, until the legislation is in place banning a No Deal Brexit then no election. It is as simple as that.

The Labour leader has brought the opposition parties together and as a result Johnson is Prime Minister only in name. And Corbyn and his colleagues did all this in two days. So to call him a chicken is rather wide off the mark.

The person who should be being ridiculed is the Prime Minister who, to be honest, is not fit for purpose. He played a dangerous high-stakes game of poker and failed miserably and and the only thing he can do is call a general election because he is a lame duck Prime Minister.

Johnson probably has more to lose in a general election than Corbyn; the Conservatives will find their Brexit credentials under threat from the Brexit party and that man Nigel Farage, who is probably a better Brexiteer than Johnson.