I suspect that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn must have thought it was Christmas when Prime Minister Boris Johnson received a ringing endorsement from U.S. President Donald Trump. Not only will a sizeable part of the British electorate object to Trump getting involved in internal British affairs, his support could cost Johnson votes because Trump is so unpopular. The fact that the U.S. President said that Corbyn would be such bad news for Britain could mean that some voters could actually switch their allegiance to the Labour leader!

The possibility that Brexit leader, Nigel Farage and Johnson could join forces as Trump suggested could give some voters food for thought. Former U.S. President Barack Obama came to Britain and asked British voters to stay in the European Union and you know what happened a few weeks later!

I think it is the first time that I have ever objected to a British Prime Minister being friendly with a U.S. President. This is not a special relationship, this is a toxic relationship. I suspect that Johnson advisers were furious over the Trump interview especially as he was speaking with Nigel Farage. I believe that this election is going to be tough and the outcome is very much in doubt.

The polls say that Johnson could win but remember the British Prime Minister did say that Britain would be leaving the European Union on October 31 and as far as I can see Britain is still a member. Johnson should be careful what he and his friends say.