I suspect that Boris Johnson got the shock of his life on Tuesday in the televised debate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. This wasn´t the same Corbyn that you see in parliament; he was witty, quick and got his points across.

Meanwhile, Johnson appeared to be sticking to his pre-written script of “one-liners” and Brexit. But, it wasn´t enough, I would say that Corbyn won. Former Prime Minister Theresa May underestimated Jeremy Corbyn in the last general election and Boris Johnson was doing the same until Tuesday night and the debate.

Things didn´t go badly for Johnson but they went alot better for Corbyn that many would have thought, me included. He even looked like a future Prime Minister and his message will have struck a chord with many undecided voters. The problem with Johnson is that it is all about Brexit.

To be honest I sincerely doubt that many people living in Britain will be too affected by Brexit and the majority are sick to death of the whole long drawn out process. Johnson has placed his whole campaign around Brexit which is a mistake.

There are other pressing issues from the National Health Service to Education. That came across in the debate on Tuesday; Labour does appear to be dealing with other issues which also matter while the Conservatives just talk Brexit. This election campaign will be no walkover for Johnson, whatever the polls say. I would say that it is wide open.


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Bert / Hace about 1 year

Well waking up to find that Diane Abbott is in charge of your security definitely won’t be a pleasant surprise.


John Little / Hace about 1 year

Unfortunately for the UK Jason I think you are not far off the mark. Surprise is the word, and for many a pleasant surprise. People like pleasant surprises, they remember them - possibly on voting day.