Michel Barnier and Pedro Sanchez | EFE


Three cheers....

For Pedro Sánchez. Brexit Day came, and ahead of it the Spanish prime minister met Michel Barnier at the Moncloa Palace and told him that Spain wants the maximum possible relationship with the UK. The close ties between the two countries are obvious - tourism is just one of them. The Spanish government had been proactive well before Brexit Day in setting out its plan. While Spain will be sad at the departure, a vast amount of goodwill exists. Gibraltar is clearly an issue, but maturity and responsibility - not always evident in some quarters during the messy Brexit process - will hopefully prevail in ensuring the long-term maximum relationship.

A big boo....

For the “caso ORA”, which was archived a fortnight ago by the court of instruction but which was the centre of attention at last week’s plenary session at Palma town hall. Mayor Hila stopped short of accepting a Partido Popular proposal for regret to be expressed for the suffering caused, including that of a former PP deputy mayor, but he did offer “humble apologies”. Palma Mayor, Jose Hila

The PP accused Hila and others of having been involved in a “lynching” for electoral gain. Certain people have been damaged by the case, which does perhaps highlight the need for investigations to be processed in far less public ways than they are.