The regulating of bar and restaurant terrace and the proposed ban on fixed and enclosed terraces is going to prove a major headache for city hall, not to mention the small business sector which is going to he holding a one-day protests and storm the council meeting on February 27.

Not only are bars and restaurants furious over the way that claim to have come under attack from the local council, so too is the small retail sector as a whole which is complaining that all the left coalition council has done is hamper their livelihoods.

Hundreds of small shops across the city centre are going to close for the day and slap “for rent” signs on their shutters while the march on city hall. And now, bar and restaurant owners could be facing another problem, outside heating appliances.

Barcelona has already introduced regulations aimed at eliminating these heaters and requires that in five years the gas stoves are not present in public spaces - Madrid is reported to be considering following suit and, based on the performance of Palma city council, I fear it will not be long before the capital takes similar action as part of its commitment to fight climate change. Mind you, at the rate Palma council is going, there will not any need for heaters on the terraces because the terraces that will be left will be empty with no protection when it is cold.