So, that’s it - Palma city council has swung the axe on bar and terraces, a move which has angered hundreds of businesses, left tourists bewildered and will lead to the loss of jobs and revenue.

Palma city council has established that it is not one for listening the opinion of the masses, the majority of which voted for one of the various left wing parties which form the coalition.
Small bar and restaurant owners are incensed - they are now fearing for their livelihoods, especially under the current climate which does not bode particularly well for the tourist season as it is.

Many establishments took it upon themselves to take the terraces down, others, the owners of which took over the lease with the awnings in place, have decided to leave it up to the council while busy trying to make the numbers add up and decide on whether it is worth staying open any more.

I know a number which will have closed by the summer - the traspaso (for lease) signs are already up and not part of a protest, for real. The most common question is why?

This is a paradise island in the heart of the Mediterranean which is world famous for al fresco wining and dinning.

Not only it is part of the culture, it’s a huge attraction for millions of visitors from Northern Europe. I can see nothing positive what so ever coming from this at all, the council is ripping the heart out of Palma.