While the general public is doing its very best to abide by the lockdown laws, I fear that some sectors are looking to making a small fortune out of the crisis.

On Sunday, while watching Spanish TV, a spike in the number of advertisements for online gambling sites caught my attention.

Obviously, on line betting is not going to enjoy much trade, there’s not much sport to bet on, but the online gambling sites pose a serious threat to the millions of housebound people and I maintain that they should be taken down for the duration of the lockdown, if not banned for good.

As the days pass, people are going to be on the look out for new ways of entertaining themselves and I just hope they don’t start deciding to start gambling online because, before they know it, they will have burnt their credit cards and have little left to pay for the essentials.

I was also surprised to see that a number of streaming channels have increased the number of films which have to be rented to watch.

How about some solidarity and all the streaming services offer their films etc. for free?

A large number of supermarket chains have gone out of their way to make life as easy as possible, probably at a cost to themselves, so why should on line gambling and streaming TV channels be allowed to cash in?