The deputy Prime Minister, the Minister for Social Rights, Pablo Iglesias, yesterday apologised for the government’s mismanagement of easing the lockdown for children.

Sorry, we’ve heard it before. Only last week the European Union apologised for not having responded to the Covid-19 pandemic earlier and for having failed to have drawn up a united battle plan to combat the virus in the EU zone.

Yesterday the EU got together to talk virus, or more importantly cash and who is going to foot the bill. It will probably be months before anything is decided, although I was heartened to learn that the catering staff at EU HQ have been working hard at producing over 1,000 meals a day for staff - that’s very noble, they could have gone an extra kilometre and knocked out a few meals for needy members of the local community.
Never mind, the Spanish government has apologised to the children.

What about their parents, many of which were in a state of panic when the first draft of the measures were released?

Hang on, after the drip, drip of rumours leaking out of Madrid about the elderly also being allowed out and the ban on outdoor exercising being lifted having been nothing more than hot air, how about an apology to the whole country? There were a lot of disappointed and frustrated people in Spain yesterday.