I know it’s far from over yet, but how was it for you - lockdown that is? The opportunity to go and lounge on a beach all day and dive into the crystal blue Mediterranean is still over a month away but, once the government in Madrid gets its ducks in order today, we should all be feeling pretty proud of ourselves for having done as we’ve been told to break the back of the virus.

But, before we all go bonkers on Saturday, when we are all going to allowed out of what some people have called “house arrest”, please spare a big and long thought for all those who have paid the price, and their families, and remember, many more lives will be lost - but it appears that the government has decided that ‘normal’ life must go on. But it will never be the same.

Has Madrid been too harsh with its lockdown measures or has it jumped the gun? Time will tell. Governments across the world are having to take the same decisions. Get it wrong and they will be crucified, get it right, they’ve just done their job.

Until the government finally comes out with the small print today, there is still plenty of confusion across Spain, but Prime Minister Sanchez laid it on the line on Tuesday evening, the lockdown is being phased out from this weekend.

Now Sanchez has to ramp it up all over again and get the country, starting with the economy, back on its feet and that is not going to be an easy task by any means.