What a confusing day today was with conflicting messages and statements regarding summer travel restrictions flying back and forth across the European Union with the emphasis very much on “this summer”.

Obviously, millions of northern Europeans would have been expecting to migrate south this summer for some sunshine, as they have for decades, but for the time being many may have to wait just a little longer until it is safe to travel and there is no risk to lives. Two key points in my book. However, should travel restrictions be lifted later rather than sooner, not to mention getting people into airports and back on to planes to destinations like the Balearics, may not prove an easy feat.

Apart from open borders, governments are going to need to launch a hearts and minds operation to combat social psychosis - large numbers of people may be scared to travel in the short term.

But, let’s look at the mid to long term.

Some tourism bosses are talking summer 2020, in the meantime, what about winter 2020/2021 in the Balearics?

The Council of Majorca and the Balearic Ministry for Tourism have over the past few years made a mayor effort to lengthen the season and promote off season activity and sports holidays.

Well here is a chance to go the extra mile this year, help keep hotels open longer, people in work and the economy back to life.