Millions of Britons are itching to come to Majorca this year but their travel movements now lie in the hands of the British government and its quarantine plan. The government’s 14-day coronavirus quarantine restrictions planned from June 8 would put the majority of people off holidaying abroad this summer, a new study reveals. As many as 79% of respondents said they would be unlikely to take an overseas holiday due to the two-week isolation measures.

This is not good news for Majorca and the Balearics at large. The British have been coming to the islands for generations and during that time have made scores of new friends who they catch up with year after year here in the Balearics. It’s not all about coming for a sun, sea and sand holiday, for many it’s an annual event, it’s part of Britain’s social fabric.

The Britons form the Balearics’ most loyal market, Majorca was built on British tourism and its billions generated by British tourists. The British market envelopes the whole spectrum from sun loungers to thrill seekers, yacht and holiday home owners and Majorca offers it all and more.

It would be a crying shame if, because of the UK’s flip-flopping pandemic plan that Britons decide to give Majorca and the Balearics a miss this summer. For once I think Britain needs to get off its high horse and look and listen to what the rest of Europe is doing.