Majorca's Bel Oliver. | R.L.


Person of the week

... was the now former tourism secretary of state, Majorca's Bel Oliver. While the island's tourism was principally concerning itself with masks and street closures, the tourism industry more broadly was up in arms about revelations regarding the Spanish government's Responsible Tourism Covid seal of approval. It seemed that anyone could apply for this seal and get one without any verification being made that there was compliance. The secretary of state's office was handing them out without checks and controls. The revelation made, and Bel Oliver suddenly had a new job - at the UN's World Tourism Organization. The business with the seal was purely coincidental, Spain's minister for industry, trade and tourism insisted.

es murterar

Three cheers ...

For advances finally being made in creating a renewable energy infrastructure in Majorca. Endesa was given authorisation to start the construction of one of two photovoltaic plants near to the power station in Alcudia. The company has already begun construction of a plant in Llucmajor, and more are planned. With grants available to private investors to develop other plants, the hope is that by the end of next year a network will be emerging. There is, however, a problem, and an ironic one at that - the environmental impact. Objections are largely based on what these plants will do for the landscape.

FILE PHOTO: A general view of Punta Ballena street in Magaluf

A big boo ...

For tourists behaving badly. While all the attention was on Magalluf's Punta Ballena and Arenal's Ballermann, an incident in the Santa Catalina area of Palma didn't attract quite the same level of interest. On Monday evening, a 43-year-old British tourist, who was staying somewhere in Calvia, had found himself in Santa Catalina. Clearly drunk, he was bothering diners and was deliberately coughing. He claimed to have Covid. The National Police were called. He resisted arrest and had to be restrained. He appeared before a court and was eventually released, a test having shown that he was negative for coronavirus.