Was it a case of making the best decision in very difficult circumstances or a classic example of just passing the buck? Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has given the final say over what action should be taken in each region regarding the coronavirus to the various regional Presidents. Up until recently it was Madrid which decided what action should be taken. So it will be Balearic President Francina Armengol who will have to decide if some parts of Palma or even some villages and towns go into lockdown again.

Obviously, Madrid will be offering plenty of guidence and advice but the decision is hers. The reason for this change of heart by the Spanish Prime Minister is because there are different levels of the coronavirus across the country; some parts of Spain are almost virus free while in others it is higher than the European average. Armengol may have some difficult to decisions to make over the coming weeks.

The number of cases of the virus has escalated over recent weeks and there is talk of the government introducing a mobility ban and even a return to lockdown in some parts of the island. There is still a hope that German and British tourists will return with so-called safe air corridors being established so Armengol will also be heavily involved with the tourist industry. There are some who claim that the regional adminsitrations do not have enough power...this is not the case any longer.